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Isles of Scilly

Our holidays this year  took  us from one extreme of the British Isles to the other, started in May with a quick trip to Scilly.  The 5 days were mostly sunny but so so windy, it was almost impossible to hold a camera even with a tripod at times. The only sheltered place were the  […]

Flower photography

My new year’s resolution was to use less printing ink and take photographs of white flowers on white backgrounds!! This has proved to be very difficult , the main problem is getting the background white enough whilst not over lighting the flowers, my best results have been into the sun and against the sky but […]

The Somerset Levels

I went out yesterday to take some photographs of the recovery from the terrible flooding.  I was amazed to see how green everywhere looks, I was told that grass can survive as long as it has light and so where the covering water was reasonably  clean, the  tougher grass plants have survived, hence the greenness.  […]


The excitement of being on Countryfile has died down now, I was very flattered to be asked to appear and show some of my pictures.  Many old friends have made contact since the programme which was an unexpected bonus.  It was a very enjoyable experience, the team worked very hard under great time pressure to […]


A short portrait teaching session with local groups today, we were able to use the bright sunshine to demonstrate back lighting techniques and urged members to turn there cameras to manual!!  


I saw my  friend Tim Morgan’s farm from across the water today, absolutely no way in or out.  Was very sad to see that his very well kept cattle barn was obviously in the water now and he had had to let his lovely Red Devon cattle out to run around Alfred’s monument on the […]

Sunny Day

A rare sunny day gave a chance to get out and about, but many routes are blocked by water around here still. The extent of the flooding is terrible.   I visited friends in Thorney affected by it  and had lunch with them sitting with our feet in the water.  There is no end in […]

Somerset Floods

I finally braved it today and went out to look at the terrible floods that are causing so much distress and concern in Somerset.  I went with Dan Alsop a very experienced drainage engineer and saw the problems that not having a tidal sluice on the river Parrett is causing.  The reason this river does […]