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A level Walk

Tempted out with my infra red camera  by bright sunshine , decide to go for a local walk starting at Isle Abbotts with its wonderful church.   It was a hot day and I usually  fantisize about finding a tea shop around the next corner but this time we did!!  The lovely Stable cafe in Fivehead […]

Fisheye fun

A lockdown birthday present of a fisheye lens has been great fun combined with Infra red on daily walks.  Plenty of sunshine and some spectacular cloud days last week gave lots of photo opportunities!!  Can’t believe how close you can get and record a whole tree, those horned beasts were inches away!!

Blackdown hills

At last some sunshine and no wind either.  Took some pictures that I am sure were truly great of some friendly horses – no card in the camera !!!!! At my age and stage!! We walked today with some good map reading, through a very remote and wild part of the hills, near Smeatharpe.  Fields with […]


Decided to go to Abbotsbury for a walk and try and take some pictures.  It was supposed to be a sunny day, the first for seemingly ages in what has been a very grey winter so far. Only fleeting glimpses came through and never really at the right moment, but it was a lovely if […]

At last some sun!!

At last after what seems like weeks of gloom, the sun shone and there were some reasonable clouds.  Went for a delightful walk from the ancient village of Dunkeswell round to the Mackhams and back.  A few images caught my eye on the way that were suitable for the Infra red treatment.

Winter walks

Somerset Arts Weeks came and went in a flash it seems, the weather was good and the event well supported. I realised, after explaining very many times about infra red photography ,  that the high sun in Africa was ideally suited to this type of photography.  Back home in England out in the countryside everything […]

Somerset Art Weeks

Rapidly drawing to a close. Last 5 days coming up. The shed looks really good this year as I have avoided reflections by printing on matt paper and hanging the pictures unframed and large!! Gentle lighting is all that is needed and the pictures from Kenya do provide a ‘WOW’ factor. My fellow exhibitors have […]

Somerset Art Weeks

This exciting show is bearing down on us, due to start in 2 weeks time on the 15th September and will run till 30th September. I am going to be showing for a change some of the wonderful Infra Red images that I was lucky enough to get when I visited my soldier daughter in […]