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Holiday snaps!!

I have just had a wonderful trip to Cyprus, both north and south. Here is a selection of things that caught my eye. The wild flowers were at their peak,  Cyprus has had plenty of winter rain and a cool spring and so I imagine that this year’s display was a good one, we certainly […]

Wanborough Mill

I was given the opportunity to go round Wanborough Mill last week. It was the old paper mill that had been at Watchet since Victorian times but is now sadly being decommissioned and sold.  It is a huge site and must have been a very impressive works in its hey day. Sad to see everything […]

Trip to the seaside

A bit of a  change yesterday from my Rural Life Museum work.  Off to Cowes to take portraits for my sailor daughter Mary and her fellow adventurers at sea.  Also,  to take pictures to launch the new Off Shore Academy that will train them to compete in next year’s classic French  single named yacht race, […]

Porlock Oyster Farm

There was a flourishing oyster industry in Porlock in the second half of the nineteenth century. It was put out of business by fishermen from the East Coast. It is now undergoing a wonderful renaissance as part of a large scale community project to bring a working industry back to  Porlock and the surrounding area. […]

Somerset Artists

  The latest topic in the Rural Life Mueuem Photographic Project has seen me exploring the theme of ‘Creativity’ in Somerset is a joy, I went to visit the highly talented artist Amanda Khan Davis. Over the past years Amanda has been showing her work in a Mongolian Ger. She says’ I chose to exhibit my […]

Somerset Open Studios 16

I am opening at home Venue 45 – last time??? I will be showing some of my rural documentary collection , some of the recent pictures taken at the sale of White Vine Farm, some of my recent flower studies and outside some of the canvases which made up the first show at the Museum […]

Large scale farming

I went to a nearby very large dairy farm, 1800 cows.  I was so impressed with these ‘metabolic athletes’ , many people in the world would love to live as they do. Very hard to get a picture that shows the scale of the operation. They are milked in a huge rotary parlour. It can […]

Exciting new commission

I am pleased to announce that I have been asked to produce a set of colour photographs for the Somerset Rural Life Museum which is undergoing a 2 year renovation.  These will be contemporary photographs to compliment the various themes throughout the new museum. I started today on The Somerset Levels at the Lowland Games.  This is […]