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Exciting new commission

I am pleased to announce that I have been asked to produce a set of colour photographs for the Somerset Rural Life Museum which is undergoing a 2 year renovation.  These will be contemporary photographs to compliment the various themes throughout the new museum. I started today on The Somerset Levels at the Lowland Games.  This is […]

Trip to Classical Italy

I have just returned from a lovely trip to Classical Italy. I have to say that travel photography doesn’t really ‘do’ it for me.  I am always struggling with the light, strength and direction , the numbers of other people about etc.  However I wanted to put my new Fuji XPro2 through its paces and find […]


The latest addition to my Fuji lenses is a Lensbaby Velvet – what fun!! It gives a really soft dreamy look to pictures. I have tried it out on a few flowers and so decided to go and see how our local field of Cowslips was coming on. I had the company of my dear little […]


Best day of the farmer’s year, when the cattle are let out to grass – probably the best day of theirs too.  I went to Athelney Farm to see Tim’s pedigree traditional Red Devons let out.  I tried capturing the action with my new Fuji XPro camera but fell short when i put on the long […]

New camera

What fun to have a new camera.  This is more than just a new camera, it is a whole different way of working.  The new Fuji X Pro2 is a mirrorless camera which means it is much smaller than SLR systems, but gives spectacular results in terms of image quality.  I got tired of reading […]

New Exhibition opening

I will be having a showing of particularly my flower photographs  in the lovely Community Store and Cafe in Seavington St. Michael  TA19 0QH in September and October.  I have been concentrating on the flowers that I have grown in my garden and the creative possibilities that digital photography allows.

White Vine Farm

A fabulous June evening drew me to one of my favourite places on this earth. White Vine Farm, the scene of my ‘Countryfile’ appearance last year. The flowers are a little late this year in their meadows but there was a good scattering of Spotted Orchids and after a ramble through the undergrowth we saw […]


I grew some stripey tulips purposely to take their pictures!! They did not impress me until they were almost at the end of their lovely lives. The stripes became muted and the colours softened. I made use of the sunny windy days and kept on taking pictures of them, being blown by the wind and […]

Kilve Beach

Kilve beach has to be my favourite place for stormy photographs when there is a north westerly blowing and storms are coming up the Bristol Channel. The fabulous rock formations give wonderful textural foregrounds which are such a vital element in any landscape photograph. It was very hard to hold the camera still even with […]

Florida Wildlife

I am no wildlife photographer but a recent trip for sailing to Sarasota Florida, it was impossible to ignore the abounding birds and beasts. The birds were so unafraid and nesting all over the boat park. An Osprey had a nest right beside the clubhouse and had even incorporated some jib sheets carelessly left about […]