The excitement of being on Countryfile has died down now, I was very flattered to be asked to appear and show some of my pictures.  Many old friends have made contact since the programme which was an unexpected bonus.  It was a very enjoyable experience, the team worked very hard under great time pressure to get their story. The weather actually played ball and the sun came out when needed.  the only disappointment that the 2 hours spent in Joe’s kitchen were reduced to seconds, he wasn’t given the chance to show the star he is.  Having seen how they record the sound and pictures separately and then put them together at the editing stage , made me realise what a craft it is to make a short film.  I went back to White Vine yesterday where some of the filming took place with lambing now in full swing.  Angie had taken this picture from the farmhouse window and it is a record that it did really  happen. In the picture I – in the purple -am just setting off upfield to take a picture of Pip walking up towards me with the sheep following the bucket. Ellie is in orange trousers with camera man , sound man and director in attendance.  I used to keeep sheep and so know that you only get the one chance with them and so the scene had to be set before the bucket appeared!!