Just back from an adventure in Kenya. It was the wet season which meant that the animals were quite hard to find as there was plentiful food and water all over the reserves. On the upside , there was no dust – the plague of cameras – and once the sunshine did appear , it was quite wonderful for Infra red photography.

I quickly realised that I didn’t have the right kit for the distant and shy wildlife and so turned my attention to the trees which were quite lovely and very characteristic of Kenya.

The Acacia trees, in their many varieties and the branched palm trees were my favourites.

When I got home , I saw that the RPS monthly 365 competition was on the theme of trees for May. I was very excited when i took these pictures as the conditions and the trees were perfect and so I quickly entered three. I was completely delighted that form over 1500 entries, 2 made the short list of 30 and then finally one of them was declared a winner!!

Here are a selection of the tree pictures – there are many more!!