New camera

What fun to have a new camera.  This is more than just a new camera, it is a whole different way of working.  The new Fuji X Pro2 is a mirrorless camera which means it is much smaller than SLR systems, but gives spectacular results in terms of image quality.  I got tired of reading the instruction book, it is very long and complicated and there are SO many options!! Decided the only way to learn and there is a lot to learn was to get out and use it.  Everyday I discover something else it can do but remembering it all is the trick.

I went to Lyme Regis on a very stormy Easter Sunday, it was very difficult to hold camera let alone shoot anything meaningful.  The black clouds and sunlit sea made for some very challenging and rapidly changing lighting conditions but I let the camera have its head and am very pleased with the job it made of it.

Like anyone with a new toy[!] it is hard to resist taking a picture when a subject stares you in the face, a handy piece of barbed wire was there lessening the threat but the detail recorded in this very black subject is extraordinary.

The new crop of flowers are hard to resist and so I am continuing up my learning curve to photograph them in an artistic way.