Somerset Artists


The latest topic in the Rural Life Mueuem Photographic Project has seen me exploring the theme of ‘Creativity’ in Somerset is a joy, I went to visit the highly talented artist Amanda Khan Davis. Over the past years Amanda has been showing her work in a Mongolian Ger. She says’ I chose to exhibit my work outside, close to nature and the source of my inspiration. I build shelters and exhibit my work within, I want to take it into the community, allowing access for everyone and freeing them from the intimidation and restrictions that a gallery may impose.

My latest work is found, recycled and rediscovered items that I incorporate into my felt panels. Old buttons, bottle tops, toys etc, all old objects retain a memory. ‘

The main panels in the Ger – all show the echoes in nature and the man made world.


The ger – yurt – is widely used by schoolchildren, all sorts of community groups, music sessions, dance and talks all take place there regularly.

There is a chance for the general public to visit this special place during some of the time when Somerset Arts Weeks happens throughout the county. Visit the Ger in Hinton St. George on Fri, Sat &Sun form 17th September – 3rd October